28 June 2009 | Games | 1 Comment

Great quick Risk-like game for the iPhone. Randomly generated maps, multiple difficulty levels, streamlined gameplay great for mobile. $1.99 and there’s a Lite version.


5 April 2009 | Games | No Comments

Great game for the ipod/iphone: Scramble.

It’s just Boggle but it has a great multiplayer pass-and-play system that the wife and I have played a lot. We can be at the playground or wherever and one of us will be watching the boy while the other one is boggling, then after a couple minutes the round is over and we trade off. The whole game is done in a few minutes and you only need the one ipod.

It has some flaws and is nothing fancy but for free it is a ridiculous value.

don’t eat poop

3 April 2009 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Just witnessed: the boy runs over to the dining room window, unlocks it, slides it up. He yells “Don’t eat poop, car!” at a passing car on the street below. He then slams the window closed and locks it back.

True story.

I’m so proud.