Mad man.

I thought I would share with you what Falco does in each room of our house, which makes it near impossible to ever relax or get anything done during his waking hours.

His bedroom: Safe zone. He makes a mess by pulling out every toy and book he owns, but he can pretty much play alone in here. Of course, he is his mother’s child and rarely wants to play alone.

Our bedroom: Worst Falco area of the house. Upon entering, he immediately goes to Matt’s nightstand and turns on the clock radio, pulls off anything left on the tabletop, and repeatedly opens the drawer and pulls random things out. After being told to leave it alone several times, he turns his attention to our wall of shelves where he tries to touch as many laptops as possible and pull down any papers, hats, umbrellas, games, bags, etc. he can get his hands on. If the closet door is open, he tries to climb and pull out the vacuum cleaner, which he is obsessed with. Next, he goes to my nightstand, throws my clock and the baby monitor on the floor along with anything else I may have left there, then opens my drawers and pulls things out. Sometimes but not always, he also yanks on the window blinds. We try to keep him out for obvious reasons, but sometimes we need to go in our room and he eagerly follows.

Dining room: This room is not too bad, though there are glass doors on a lower cabinet that he bangs on. We keep meaning to get rid of the glass but keep forgetting. We also have a wall of bookshelves that he occasionally pulls books off of, but he is pretty good about leaving them alone for the most part. This room also houses the cat food on a windowsill, which he threatens to touch at least a few times a day. Oh, and he is tall so he can reach anything on the dining table that isn’t pushed all the way to the center.

Kitchen: The kitchen is about 95% Falco approved, but he likes to try to pull things out of the drawer beneath the oven, which only contains loud, heavy, metal pans. He also does a lot of whining in this room because he wants to get in the pantry or the freezer or wants me to get him his food faster. Oh, and god forbid I forget to pick up the dog’s water bowl because he lives for splashing in it. There is also a door to the laundry room in the kitchen, which leads to the cat box, so we try to keep that closed most of the time.

Entry way: This tiny area is OK for the most part, though he likes swinging the stained glass panel when he remembers it’s there. He used to put shoes in his mouth if he found them left by the door, but he is pretty much over that.

Living room: We have worked hard to Falco proof this room, but there’s only so much you can do. We have two floor lamps (no overhead lighting), which he likes to grab and shake. He figured out in the last week how to open my desk drawers, so he pulls stuff out of there. He has two windows he can reach, which is great for looking out but also for banging the glass with anything in his hand. I stupidly bought a very rickety coffee table with a wide top and narrow base, so there’s always the danger of pulling that thing onto himself. (I’m working on replacing it.) He can turn on/off the TV, which is really no big deal, but he also smears his hands all over it and bangs it with toys, which isn’t great. He has a trunk that holds toys and blankets, and he loves to get in it and play. That’s super, but he can’t get out on his own, not safely at least, so that’s a problem if he gets in while no one is in the room to help him out. Also, the dog beds are usually in the living room, and he loves to get in them. That wouldn’t be much of a problem except that the dogs don’t love it when he climbs on top of them if they are lying in said beds. He once pulled one of the window curtains hard enough to rip the entire curtain rod out of the wall, but my mom kindly fixed it while she was here. I think that was a fluke because I haven’t seen him touch the curtains again.

Bathroom: We try to keep the bathroom door closed for the most part, but he does go in there some throughout the day (like when I’m going to the bathroom because he doesn’t really believe in privacy). Toilet paper must be stored up high and not on the TP holder because he unrolls and eats it. The toilet lid must always be closed for obvious reasons. We switched to a trashcan with a lid, but the trash bag still pokes out, so he grabs that and pulls the bag and contents out. He tries to lean on the shower curtain with all his weight, almost falling into the tub in the process. He drops random things into the bathtub. That’s all the mischief I can think of, but the room is also tiny and full of tile and porcelain, so I worry about falls.

The above are not occasional behaviors but what he does all day every day. Our kid is a maniac!

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  1. Cara said,

    March 10, 2008 @ 8:19 pm

    I love this post. I can totally relate. My whole house is a disaster because my kid is like a little tornado ripping every room apart within seconds.

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